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Murphy’s Landing Family Dental Inc. accepts traditional insurance and is a PPO provider for many plans. 

Traditional insurance is also known as indemnity insurance and is the easiest to understand. Traditional insurance allows you, the plan participant, to go to any provider. Deductibles and co-pays are typical, but the covered services are billed directly to your insurance company by our office.

PPOs (Preferred Provider Organization) have provider networks you are encouraged to use. By selecting a provider within network, you are given treatment at a discounted rate thereby reducing out-of-pocket expenses. Most PPOs allow you to go to an out-of-network provider but you will typically be responsible for costs above and beyond those your insurance will cover. Murphy's Landing Family Dental belongs to many major PPO groups. To learn if we participate in your group, call our office at (317) 865-8075.


It's amazing! Their "Laser Dentistry" made my visit painless.

-Jane, Greenwood